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The Best Tactical Winter Gloves For Every Budget

Finding the best tactical winter glove is not an easy task. Right now, there are many gloves at different price ranges that looks enticing but lacks the basic quality and features. That’s why today we will go through the best tactical winter gloves for every budget!

Projecting your digits should be your number one priority for anyone if you are remotely interested in tactical equipment handling and usage. It doesn’t matter if you are a survivalist, hobbyist or a police officer on duty, having good quality gloves can save you from multiple threats including cuts, fire, abrasion and so on.

Freetoo Tactical Gloves Military

Freetoo Tactical Gloves makes our list for not only because of its features, but also because of its positive reviews. It is a heavy duty glove and is extremely comfortable. When you first use the glove, you will be glad to find how easily it fits in your hand. It literally breathes!

The build quality of this glove is also excellent. It is rugged in nature and can be used in diverse conditions and scenarios including hunting, motorcycling, camping and so on. To ensure that you have the best grip and protection, reinforced palm and double stitching are also provided.

Aesthetically, the gloves look one of the best. It is also available in multiple colors so that you choose the one that fits you!

Warranty: 3 months

Price: Ranges from $14.84 – $22.68, depending on color and size

Rigwarl Cold Weather Gloves

Want to feel warm and still be deadly? Then, Rigwarl cold weather glove is for you. The first thing that you will notice about the gloves is its attractive look and rigidly built. It is built using a mix of 38% polyester, 50% synthetic leather and 12% fleece. This combination makes it both rigid and comfortable at the same time!

Another key feature of the gloves is its wind-resistance. So, if you like drive against the wind, this glove is for you! Technically, it uses C40 3M Thinsulate traps that keep warm air inside which in turn regulate the body temperature. One more thing that makes Rigwarl gloves amazing is its support for the touchscreen compatible thumb and index finger.

In short, Rigwarl cold weather gloves is one of the best and it is worth buying!

Warranty: 12 months

Price: Ranges from $15.95 – $18.95, depending on color and size

Free Soldier Men’s Gloves Winter

Not impressed by the already mentioned gloves? Then, you might want to look at Free Soldier Men’s Gloves Winter. This glove is best in the class! It sports 320D nylon Taslan/sheepskin which can easily protect you against extreme winter conditions. This glove is perfect for people who love skiing and just love spending time in open during winter season.

To ensure safety against mishaps, it is created using taslan fiber which is water repellant and works great in rainy conditions. Also, don’t get fooled by the toughness of the materials used here. It is comfortable from the inside. By wearing the glove, you will feel warm!

The glove is a great pick for any weather and will also keep you safe while doing outdoor activities. It is available in different colors, ranging from CP camouflage to Wolf brown.

Warranty: Unknown. You might want to contact the seller before buying.

Price: $24.30

Gladys Moses Winter Tactical Gloves

Not everyone is looking for an allrounder glove. Sometimes it is all about finding the right gloves that can be used for outdoor sports such as hiking, camping, cycling and so on. Gladys Moses Winter Tactical Gloves is aimed at those users who are casuals and want something good. First thing first, it comes with a sensitive touch. Yes, you can use your smart devices while wearing the glove.

The glove is created using the wool lycra fabric that is high quality, durable and soft! Also, it fits well thanks to the elastic cuff. To ensure that you remain safe, it comes with a skidproof design which in turn make it resistant to abrasion and friction.

If you are looking for a fancy, but tough gloves, this glove is for you!

Warranty: 12 month worry-free warranty

Price: $13.99

Hatch NS430 Specialist

Our next tactical winter glove is the Hatch NS 430 Specialist glove. This glove is ideal for all weather conditions and is used by top law enforcement. Clearly, the glove comes with all the bell and whistles that you will need to survive the tough conditions. The quality of the glove is top-notch, thanks to the use of synthetic leather palms and neoprene. It is only available in black color.


To ensure that you don’t lose grip on your gun, the gloves use Toughtek materials. The gloves are also comfortable and can be used for full-day usage. So, if you one of the gun guys who always need to be alert and ready with your gun, this glove is for you!


Oh yes! This glove fits well for usage in winter! You will feel warm and comfortable using it.


Warranty: Unknown. Unknown. You might want to contact the seller before buying.

Price: Ranges from $19.37 – $37.99, depending on color and size

Rothco Hard Knuckle

If budget is not a problem, you can try out Rothco hard knuckle. This glove can be used for multiple activities including biking, shooting, camping and so on. And, yes it does come with winter support! Nylon is used to bring durability and protection to the gloves. The gloves are great for protecting your knuckles which you might have guessed by the name itself!. Also, it is well crafted to protect you from abrasions or cuts.

So, what makes this glove special? It can be used in all-weather conditions.

Rotcho hard knuckle is available in 4 different color schemes: black, coyote, foliage, and multicam.

Warranty: Unknown. Unknown. You might want to contact the seller before buying.

Price: Ranges from $27.54 – $53.99, depending on color and size.


That’s it. We have listed the best tactical winter gloves! Which one are you going to buy? Comment below and let us know!

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