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Internet's #1 Selling Tactical Flashlight? Still, Falcon Torch

...But, Is It Worth It?

If you've been on the Internet in the past 12 months, you would have 100% seen an ad for the viral Falcon Torch.

It's been super popular across the world.

Voted #1 Selling 'Tactical Flashlight' in 2017.

Stock is also "selling out fast" due to high demand.

But Why Is Falcon Torch Still Bestselling In The World?

Well, a number of reasons:

1) It's the cheapest, compared to its same class competitors

2) It's Massively Discounted Online - Up to 50% Off Retail Price, on official sale sites like this one here.

3) It's simply the best tactical flashlight, in its class @ 700 lumens.

UPDATE: Falcon Torch is running a limited time online promo and offering a MASSIVE 50% DISCOUNT

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What Can You Use It For?

The truth is, most people underestimate the importance of owning a great flashlight. These days, power outages are becoming more common in heavy storms - it's more important than ever to have the right gear and be ready for a blackout .

Tactical Flashlights aren’t like average home Flashlights:

- Falcon Torch Tactical Flashlight is built for rugged use, high performance and reliability .

- Its super bright LED technology emits powerful white light hundreds and hundreds of meters away.


Falcon Torch has settings like: Strobe, High Beam and SOS - alerting with Super Bright Strobe, focusing on something far away or emergency signaling for help.

The case is built from hardened aluminum. It is light weight, but strong enough material to last any lifestyle in any environment.

Why The Low, Low Price?

Up until recently, Tactical Flashlights haven’t been available for purchase by the public.

An online company got a large surplus amount of excess stock.

They began selling here to the public at affordable, discount prices.

Before right now these Tactical Flashlights were only available at nearly $150 each!

However, rumor says that the stock is quickly running out due to huge popularity. Once it's sold out, there doesn't appear to be any more selling…

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What Are People Using Their’s For?

Believe it or not, most men and women alike, don’t even own a flashlight!

There are literally hundreds of good scenarios for owning a high-quality, strong flashlight.

The most popular include:

- In a home emergency; e.g. a power outage, heavy storm.

- In the trunk of your car for a late night breakdown, in the middle of nowhere (It’ll never happen to me…YEAH RIGHT!)

- Safely doing your late night dog walk

- Perfect for camping / hiking

- Checking the bottom of your property, from the safety of your home

- Scaring wild animals away

- Working in dark spaces

Would We Recommend Getting It?

The Falcon Torch is one of the brightest night observation and illumination devices available for civilian use. Bright, reliable light is critical in any survival situation where you may have only a few seconds to react. Or, whenever the lights go out.

After putting in the battery and trying it out, it is clear that this is the brightest flashlight we have ever held. And after turning on the strobe mode for 5 seconds we had to turn it off because it was incredibly disorienting. So if you want to make sure you are always prepared for the worst, this flashlight is a great start. It has our vote.

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Value for money
Visitor comments
Jolene K Satre

I bought this for my sister, who has vision issues & needs extra light when she's walking her dog after dark. This flashlight is amazing! It's so small & easy to carry--yet the beam is much, much brighter & wider than a regular flashlight. I'm buying another for myself!

Joan Nixon

Excellent! I just had an occasion to use it in an old attic and it sure lit the place up. Very satisfied

marlene rose

This is a great flashlight. It works well and shines the light so far away. great product

Diane Garwood

Great flashlight. Beyond my expectations!!

Frank Cortijo

Great light and I like the added SOS feature

Carla M. Larue

Needed a new torch for work and on seeing this one, and at a good price thought I would give it a go . Well made all metal unit but not to heavy for the pocket high lumen output and simple control with a simple push of the back button and pull system with a long beam or a nice spread of light well worth the money.

Shivam G

I've had many pocket torches over the years but this is the best yet. Excellent quality, it is a handy size with a very robust, solid feel and a powerful beam. It certainly doesn't feel cheap.


So far so good. Feels sturdy with good build quality, and the light that it emits is fantastic! Light weight given the metal body, and ideal for travelling with.

Stephanie Laroche

My father recently bought a similar torch to this at nearly 10 times the price so when his arrived and the quality was equally as good as the very torch I was delighted. It is very bright, easy to use and great value

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