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Best Tactical Eyewear Under $75

Protecting your eyes should be your number one priority when using shooting equipment. It doesn’t matter if you are a new to tactical equipment or an experienced seasonal guy. Also, choosing one can be a daunting task as there are too many tactical eyewear out there!

We will go through the best tactical eyewear under $75. At this price, you will get will get one of the best tactical eyewear without sacrificing quality. It is common to see buyers get stuck as they are not able to judge the quality of the eyewear. Testing one can either lead to mishaps to your eyes or the eyewear, and that’s why it is a not a good idea to test them before purchasing. So, how do you choose one? The only thing that should matter at the time of purchasing is the comfort and protection they offer. You should also look into specifications and standards the tactical eyewear carry.

With a clear understanding of how to choose tactical eyewear, let’s get started with our recommendation list for the best tactical eyewear under $75.

Best Tactical Eyewear Under $75

Wiley X Valor Sunglasses

Our first pick is the Wiley X Valor sunglasses. These glasses are an excellent choice for wide range of use cases. It can be used during military training, combat or even casual wear during an adventure. The glass comes with changeable lenses which further enhances its usage. Just pick the right lens according to the light condition, and you are good to go!

In terms of protection, it comes with the shatterproof lens. It also blocks UV rays with 100% efficiency. The glass uses GL-PD 10-12 MCEP standard which is far better compared to MIL- PRF-31013 ballistic standard. Another key aspect of the glass is its ANSI Z87.1 -2003 certification. This means that it meets the optical standards for tactical usage. In short, it meets the U.S. military specification and can easily be used in combat situations.

Price: $75

Pros: Changeable lens, meets the optical standard for combat, multi-purpose use cases.

Revision Eyewear Bullet Ant Ballistic Goggles

If you are looking for tactical glasses which offer the best bang for the buck, Revision Eyewear Bullet Ant is your choice! This has been nominated as the top rated product in multiple online stores by the community. It is comfortable and stylish. Moreover, it comes with an extra lens for better use conditions. So, what makes it different from the Wiley X Valor Sunglasses? Well, you can strap it around your head or the helmet. This makes it also a great choice for sports lover who is looking for ballistic goggles.

The eyewear also doesn’t disappoint when it comes to its quality. It uses high-quality pliable material for comfort and durability. It also follows the standards for maximum protection.

Price: $62.69 from Opticsplanet.com, $99(U.S. Military Kit) on the official website.

Pros: Stylish, wraps over the head easily, comes with the carry kit.

Smith Elite Boogie Regulator Goggles

Tactical eyewear is not only meant for tactical situations, but also for adventurers who like to use them in situations where they need maximum protection from weather and ballistics. The Smith Elite Boogie is perfect for these conditions. It is lightweight, comfortable and provides quality protection to your eyes. Also, it uses fog prevention lens for better usability in diverse weather conditions.

The lens build quality is top-notch. The impact level standard is US MIL-DTL-43511D which is good! The optical quality of the lens is also excellent. Also, it comes with 100% UV protection, just like every other tactical eyewear around this range. Overall, a great tactical eyewear and it is best suited for casual users who are looking to protect their eyes while adventuring!

Price: $40.00

Pros: Great price, excellent design, fog prevention.

ESS Land Ops Striker Goggles

ESS Land Ops Striker Googles is an excellent choice under $65. It performs highly in diverse conditions including fog, dust or wind. You can also gauge its value by the fact that it is the only recommended Goggles for the U.S. Army. It is created using Polycarbonate Lens which is perfect for whole day usage. Not only that it can fit over eyeglasses and makes it ideal for those who use eyeglasses.

The eyewear will protect you from most of the incoming danger including ballistic pieces, high-pressure air or small airborne particles. Technically, it is also on the strong side. It meets the standards and provides ample UAV protection. The Googles are also offers anti-reflective, fog protection, proper ventilation and much more!

Price: $58.00

Pros: Great value for money, recommended by U.S Army.

Bobster Road Hog II Convertible

Until now, we discussed 3 Goggles and one sunglasses type tactical eyewear. However, you might be thinking if you can get eyewear that can both be used as Googles and also as sunglasses. The answer to this is yes you can. The Bobster Road Hog II Convertible is hybrid eyewear which uses Quick Release System (QRS) to make this happen. And, that not all! It comes in 24 combinations including six Grilamid frame colors, four lenses, detachable foam liners and much more! It is the ultimate convertible eyewear you can get at sub $75.

It also fairs well in terms of durability, quality, and comfortability. The four type of lens that it comes with are Amber, Smoke, Reflective Clear and Clear lens. Its customizability enables it to be used in shooting, watercraft, cycling, action sports and much more!

Price: $48.99

Pros: Customizability, unique design, great value for money.



We listed the best tactical eyewear under $75. Before you jump and pick up one for yourself, it is necessary to understand the importance of comfort. Never pick eyewear that you don’t feel comfortable even when it is the best eyewear out there. After all, it is all about personal choice.

Still confused? Comment below and let us help you make a choice!

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