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Best 2018 Light Portable Cooking Stoves Reviewed

It is always a good idea to have a hot coffee in the midst of the cold wind or a crisp snack that can help you energize for the next phase of your journey. A good stove will always help you and enrich your journey experience.

Ever wondered what will happen if you don’t carry a light portable cooking stove? Either you will find yourself starving because you carried none, or feel tired because you carried a heavy stove.

So how do you solve this? By buying a light portable cooking stove. In this article, we will focus on them and try to list only the best ones.  Let’s get started.

Best Light Portable Cooking Stoves Reviewed

JetBoil MiniMo Stove

JetBoil MiniMo is a perfect example of value and features. It offers a convenient way of preparing meals. It is also efficient. The first things that you will notice about JetBoil MiniMo stove is its sleek design. It comes in Strout shape which in turn helps in comfortable eating experience.

It is also feature-rich as it offers excellent simmer control, push-button igniter and meta handler. Clearly, it is created for those who love adventure. It is only available in one size. However, it does come with different designs!

Why should you pick it up?

JetBoil MiniMo offers equal balance with performance and price. It is not the lightest one but does offer amazing cooking time and stability.

Price: 134.95$

Weight: 14 oz

Cons: Costly, a little heavy compared to other options.

MSR PocketRocket 2

Are you looking for a stove that is both lightweight in terms of weight and investment, MSR PocketRocket 2 is for you. It costs one-third of MiniMo stove and offers great feature-set at the same time.

You can create your favorite meal thanks to its amazing simmer control. The simmer control enables water to be boiled fast, making cooking easier. For example, you can boil water in just 3.5 mins! One thing that also needs to be mentioned is that it doesn’t come with the fuel canister. You need to get it separately to make it work. A protective case is also provided so that you can carry it without any issues.

Why should you pick it up?

If you have a tight budget and are looking for a canister stove, then this stove is for you! It weighs less and has great simmer control. You cannot go wrong with this one!

Price: 44.95$

Weight: 2.6 oz (4.2 with case)

Cons: Need to buy canister separately. It is also less efficient compared to other stoves in this price range.

MSP Whisperlite

MSP Whisperlite is our first liquid fuel stove on the list. Compared to the canister stove that we discussed above, it offers multiple advantages including less expensive fuel, refillable bottles and much more. MSP Whisperlite is one of the best liquid fuel stove.

The stove is easy to use. However, the stove needs to be primed before it is ready to cook meals. After use, you can easily clean it thanks to the Shaker Jet technology used in it. The stove is also durable and can really last long!

Why should you pick it up?

Whisperlite is a good stove for the price. It is an excellent choice for longer journeys. The stove also offers a lifetime warranty.

Price: 79.55$

Weight: 11 oz

Cons: Slightly heavy, requires to be primed before use.

Trangia Spirit Burner

Trangia Spirit Burner is one of the lightest portable cooking stoves. However, it does come with its own drawbacks. For starter, it is an alcohol stove, which means it will have slow cooking times. Also, it will not work efficiently in wind conditions. However, it does come with many benefits including ease to use, inexpensive, lightweight and compact.

Spirit Burner stove carries all the above features, both positive and negative. The key difference here is that it comes with a decent simmer ring which in turn improves the cooking experience.

Why should you pick it up?

A great stove at a good price. You should only pick this up if you are not traveling to extreme conditions.

Price: 18.85$

Weight: 3.8 oz

Cons: Slightly heavy compared to other alcohol stoves, doesn’t offer windscreen or pot stand.

Trail Designs Caldera Cone

We just went through the Spirit Burner stove which had some disadvantages. And, that’s why we will discuss our next alcohol stove, the Trail Designs Caldera Cone. As usual, it is efficient like the other alcohol stove, but it does come with wind block.

It is a cone-shaped stove with a fuel bottle so that you can carry it during travel. The package is good, but the cone is too big to be fitted together. For this reason, Sidewinder Ti-Tri which can be used to carry all the stuff together.

Why should you pick it up?

It comes with all the bells and whistles that an alcohol stove should have. It is also light and portable, and can be used in slightly bad weather conditions.

Price: 18.85$

Weight: 3.25 oz

Cons: Cone doesn’t fit in cook pot. Slightly heavy.

Esbit Folding Pocket Stove

The last stove that we are going to discuss is Esbit Folding Pocket Stove. This stove uses special kind of fuel known as Esbit fuel tabs. These tabs can burn for around 12 mins and provide good flame control. However, this adds some weight to the whole setup.

Folding Pocket Stove comes with 6 of the Esbit fuel tabs which can last good for 2-3 trips. The build quality is excellent and provides good durability compared to other types of stove.

Why should you pick it up?

If you are looking for the easiest way to cook food while you travel, pick up Esbit Folding Pocket Stove. However, it is not a good pick for the seasonal traveler.

Price: 12.95$

Weight: 3.3 oz

Cons: Slight heavy, no temp control, slow cooking times.


We covered five cooking stoves, ranging from the canister to Esbit stoves. All of these come at different price point and features. Now, it is up to you to decide which one fits your needs. The choice is yours!

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