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10 Imposing Tactical Watches That You Can Buy Under $250

If you are a military person, you already know the importance of a tactical watch. Having a good tactical watch could be the difference between success and failure. For example, you don’t want to be late for evacuation after a military operation is completed or worse fail to coordinate an attack against a threat. These failures can have severe consequences including loss of life.

Keeping the extreme scenarios aside, tactical watches are also a great pick for adventurers who love to live their life on the edge. Love ski, scuba, and watches? Well, you just need to get a tactical watch that can take the punishment! Extreme conditions are part of adventurer’s life and a good tactical watch can be their best companion. They also look cool. 😉

Today, we will go through the ten imposing tactical watches that you can buy under $250. Having a budget is never a bad thing, right? So, without any delay, let’s get started with the list.

Note: The official website pricing is different and might be as high as double the amount mentioned here. That’s why we recommend you to go to an online store and compare prices before buying. All the prices mentioned here are the average price currently in the market.

10 Imposing Tactical Watches That You Can Buy Under $250

Casio Men’s GW-9400-1CR

The Casio Men’s GW-9400-1CR is our first pick. With this watch, you cannot go wrong. It is powered by Quartz movement and hence it is very accurate. The build quality of the watch is awesome as it uses stainless steel. Moreover, it is completely water and shockproof.

Other key features offered by the watch are altimeter, digital compass, thermometer, altimeter and much more. The design of the watch also makes it a great purchase for anyone who is looking for features and looks.

Water resistant depth: 660 feet

Price: $214.65

Casio Men’s PRW-2500T

The Casio Men’s PRW-2500T ups the standards for tactical watches under $250. It comes with notable features. For starters, it is powered by solar light. This means you will never run on power. Also, it works great underwater thanks to the 200m water resistance.

As usual, it comes with an altimeter, barometer, digital compass, and thermometer. A backlight is also present so that you can easily use it in low-light conditions. The watch carries Casio’s 1-year limited warranty

Water resistant depth: 660 feet

Price: $249

Casio Men’s GG-1000-1A3CR

The Mudmaster G-Shock is yet another great pick at the sub $250. Each aspect of this watch has been created with care and precision. It offers both water, shock and mud resistance. With 200-meter water resistance, you can go scuba dive or better save your mate without worrying about your watch.

Quartz movement keeps the watch as accurate as possible. The watch’s diameter is 56.2 mm and comes with features such as the thermometer, digital compass, countdown timer and much more!

Water resistant depth: 660 feet

Price: $239.95

Luminox Men’s 3059 EVO

If you are looking a stylish tactical watch, then Lumonix Men’s 3059 can be a good pick. It offers all the features that you want from a tactical watch. The watch works great in no-light or low-light situations.

With water resistance, you can easily go scuba diving. The build quality, on the other hand, is also excellent. It uses 44-millimeter polyurethane case. The band also uses high-quality materials made up of durable polyurethane.

Water resistant depth: 660 feet

Price: $198

G-Shock Rangeman Master

If you are going for army training, then G-Shock Rangerman master is for you. This watch can sustain hard punishment when you are in the field, be it mud, water or shock!

It also comes with a compass which makes it easy to navigate. The watch is also comfortable to wear for the whole day! The design also complements its rigid built quality. Other key features include a solar battery, shock resistant triple sensor, digital compass, thermometer and so on.

Water resistant depth: 660 feet

Price: $199.94

Luminox Evo Navy Seal Blackout

If you are looking for a small bargain, then check out Luminox Evo Navy Seal Blackout. This watch is cheap compared to the other watches that we listed until now. It is also fully equipped with features. Moreover, it is water-resistant and solar powered. To keep the time as accurate as possible, it uses Swiss quartz movement.

The watch looks great thanks to the use of black polyester. The material used in the watch makes it sustain harsh environments.

Water resistant depth: 660 feet

Price: $173

Casio G-Shock (GA110-1B)

If you are looking for a completely black design tactical watch, Casio G-Shock GA110-1B is for you! It is pure black, and you will love how it fits with all your equipment.

The watch comes with analog features and 4 display windows. There is also one single subdial. Other key features offered by the watch are display illumination, shockproof and waterproof.

Water resistant depth: 660 feet

Price: $120

Casio Men’s GR8900A-1 G-Shock

We have yet another tactical watch from Casio. This time it is the Casio Men’s GR8900A-1 G-Shock. This model is a perfect balance between features and price. The bright LED lights when combined with tough solar power, give this watch enough points to make it to the list.

It is black and is built using high-quality materials. However, the display is digital. It does come with atomic timekeeping so that you don’t have to worry about correct time or to reset it.

Water resistant depth: 600 feet

Price: $98

G-SHOCK The GA 100

Our second last pick is G-Shock The GA 100 watch. It is one of the highest rated tactical watches on Amazon. And, why not? It is built with good quality materials and has anti-magnetic structure. The price to performance ratio for this watch is just mind-blowing and it is also the most bought watch.

On the feature front, it has both water and shock resistant. It also offers Auto LED for easy viewing under no-light conditions. Furthermore, it can also showcase 29 different time zones. Should you pick this up? All depends on your budget and requirement.

Water resistant depth: 600 feet

Price: $99

Timex Men’s Expedition Gallatin Watch

Our last watch is for casual users who are looking for bare minimum features. With an amazing rugged resin outdoor construction, Timex Men’s Expedition Gallatin Watch can withstand some amazing blows! It might not be as great as other watches in the list. However, it is a great pick for only $57. Yes, we have listed this watch as we think this can be a great pick for casual adventurers who want something that can fit the bill.

It is water resistant and lightweight. However, it does come with less water resistant depth. However, don’t take it too deeply, otherwise, it will fry. Not recommended for scuba or diving.

Water resistant depth: 165 feet

Price: $57

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